Windows Tip: Multiply Your Start Columns

Microsoft made many "improvements" to Windows 95 when it released 98, including one, which changed the way you view the Start Menu. Win95 gave you multiple columns that spread out over your desktop as they expanded. Win98 makes the Start Menu a single column with a scrolling arrow on the bottom. I prefer the 95 style. So, without further ado, here are the instructions:

The following tip applies to Windows 98, with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or 5 installed.

Run REGEDIT (Start, Run, REGEDIT).

Find the following key: HKEY_Local_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer.

Within the explorer folder, click the Advanced folder once to select it.

Right-click an unoccupied area in the right-hand pane. Click New, then String Value.

In the name box that appears, type StartMenuScrollPrograms (all one word), then press Enter.

Right-click the name you just created, then click Modify. In the Value Data box, type FALSE, then click OK. If you wish to change it back just change the False to True.


It should not be necessary to restart Windows. When you click Start and then Programs, your menu will now show multiple columns instead of a single column with scroll arrows, assuming you have a long Programs list.


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