These programs work with PPC 2002 some also work with the newer PPC 2003 and 2003 mobile. Some work on older PocketPC operating systems. Some of these are links because the files are too large to maintain here. If you have any questions about this stuff, please e-mail me.

My hand-held computer has become my plastic brain. It's one of my best toys. I keep all my phone numbers, addresses, appointments, and personnel notes in it. Oh yeah, I've got games on it too.

I used to recommend Palm OS products, and I still recommend those for people who are new to hand-held computers. However, for people with a little more computer knowledge and a little more patience, I suggest Pocket PCs. I bought the HP iPAQ 2215. Its advantages are 64 MB of internal memory, both built-in Compact Flash expansion slot as well as SD memory slot. The screen is large, bright, and incredibly clear. After using that for 4 years, I bought the Dell Axim X51v. The screen is better, it has more memory, blue tooth, and wireless conectivity. It goes everywhere I go. Enough with the sales pitches (no, I don't own stock in HP or Dell), below are many of the great programs and games I've found.

Check out PocketPC Links for great PocketPC OS sites.

System Enhancements

Theme: Gator11 kb A University of Florida Gator Today Screen theme I put together. The blue background and white text are easy to read. The Gator Logo is prominently displayed in the lower right hand corner where it isn't covered by all that other stuff.
Theme: The Road32 kb A good Today Screen theme that's easy to read.
Theme: Palm Coast44 kb Another good Today Screen theme that's easy to read.
Battery Watch28 kb Battery Watch puts a small battery indicator in the bottom right hand side of the Today Screen. It's a handy way to reference the state of the battery without having to go through the start menu/settings/power blah blah blah.
tdLauncher14 kb tdLauncher is great. With this program you can place the icons for programs in that big empty space on the Today Screen. No more hunting for the icons of your more frequently used programs in menus. Initial set up takes a little work. After installing go to Start/Settings/Today/Items, highlight tdLaunch, and tap Options. Select Add, type the name of the program. Browse to the program or the short cut for it by clicking the gray box next to the File Path box. Most are found in Windows/Start Menu/Programs


Mort Player.99 MBMort Player is THE audio player for your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Device. It's great for music, podcasts, and audio books in MP3 format. You can bookmark your place in a long file and open back up to the book mark so you never loose your place. It has multiple views including one for your car with large buttons for touch screens and shows imbedded album art as well. The program is skinable too.
Pocket Streets.A city map program for any trip you make whether in your home town or another city you plan to visit. You can look up addresses or places like restaurants, stores, and more. Zoom in or zoom out to find the best way there. You can make "push pins" to mark your favorite places. It also works with a GPS receiver so you'll almost can't get lost.
Reader2.2 mbMicrosoft Reader is a FREE program for reading books right on your PPC. The program requires books in the the .lit format. You can find them on the web and in newsgroups. This program allows you to take all kinds of books with you where ever you go. Do you ever find your self with time to kill? Then get this program and take a book with you. You can even get audible books and listen to the latest books.
PocketTV1.18 mbThis plays MPEG files (movies) on your PPC.
ISilovariesISilo is another document reader. The great thing about this one is that it's compatible with the Palm document format so you can trade books, etc. with your Ice Age friends that still use a Palm Handheld. Free to try, $17.50 to keep with all features.
Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PPC 8.36 mbAcrobat Reader for the PPC allows you to read PDF files on your PPC. It also converts them for easy reading when you add the PDF files through ActiveSync. This is good for work documents, instructional manuals, and novels.
First Aid125 kbA small program with First Aid instructions for many emergency situations. I haven't made use of it yet, buy you never know.
Star Map602 kbA star map program. It's not too large because it's little more than a image viewing program.
Converter37 kbConverter converts numbers, measurements, etc. like temperature, weight, speed, and such. This is a very useful and small program. To install just copy the file into any folder on your PPC and make a link in your programs menu.
City Time 1.5 (link)1.29 mbA great program for travelers (especially military aircrew). It shows a map of the world you can tap to see the time in the nearest city. You can add cities too. It also does solar/lunar rise-set-etc. data. Save your brain from all the time zone math with this program. This one will cost you $14.95
Tascal Search173 kbThis program adds a feature that should be in File Explorer. It allows you to search for files. Currently PPC 2002 only has a data search feature (e.g. searches your address book for a name). Now that you've loaded your PPC with lots of files you need this tool to find them.
Tascal Pocket Explorer187 kbTPE is a file explorer more like Windows Explorer for your desktop computer. It has some features the PPC's file explorer doesn't have including expandable folder trees in the view. This is shareware that never expires but does nag. If you like it you should support the software programmer and register (pay for) it.
PC-cillin536 kbVery Simply this is an Anti-Virus program for your PPC. This version works ONLY on PPCs with the StrongArm processor (PPC2002). If you go to you may find other versions or updates.
Pocket Note Pad125 kbA plain text editor just like Note Pad on your desktop computer.


Flash Installer1.15 mbThis is required to play all Flash based games on the PPC. It adds Flash functionality to the Pocket Internet Explorer.
Flash: Black Jack119 kbSimple Black Jack game programmed in Flash for Pocket Internet Explorer.
Flash: Pocket Hockey79 kbAir Hockey like game programmed in Flash for Pocket Internet Explorer. Beware, you play against the computer and it appears impossible to win.
Flash: Zing Memory Master30 kbIt's Simon Says. Four colored circles flash in a sequence you must repeat. This one will kill some time.
Flash: Zing Marble Solitaire36 kbUse one marble on the board to hop over another, eliminating it. Try to get down to just one marble.
Flash: Zing Symbologic32 kbYou've got just 8 chances to figure out the sequence of 4 shapes.
Dope Wars687 kbWould you be successful as a drug dealer? Let this text game put you to the test. You travel the neighborhoods of NY City buying and selling. How much profit can you make?.
Free Cell26 kbJust like the Windows desktop computer card game.
Hangem434 kbHangman for the Pocket PC. This one is just for PPCs with the StrongArm processor (PPC2002).
ICBM127 kbRemember the Arcade classic Missile Commander? Here's a free version for your PPC.
Pure Eight Puzzle12 kbLike those little plastic tile games, you slide them around to put them in numerical order.
Tank Zone671 kbYou may remember a tank game like this. It plays well on the PPC. You drive a tank around fighting tanks and targets of simple geometrical shapes. Good game all around.
osamabox flash file795 kbFlash file, Boxing Osama, download this and the html file below. Put them in the same folder on your PPC and run the html file.
osamabox html file for PPC1 kbHTML code for running the osamabox flash file. Can also be used as a template for other flash files by editing the name of the flash file. Right click on the link and select Save File As.