What is a Podcast? It is content on the internet like radio shows that you can download and listen to on your computer or portable music player when ever you want or where ever you want. It's been referred to as Tivo for radio shows. This content has been around for a little while but it is really taking off now with some very professionaly produced shows. A great many of them are free. One word of caution, this is mostly for folks with a high speed connection to the internet. Most of the podcasts are too large for a dial-up connection.

If you have iTunes 4.9 or later you can click on the iTunes button with each podcast description to subscribe (for free).

Recommended Software for downloading/subsribing to Podcasts:
iTunes version 8.2.1.

Recommended Podcasts:


The Pritzker Military Library
This site offers a series of military podcasts. I recommend the Medal of Honor Series . It is the story of the recipients of the highest military honor in their own words. iTunes link

Buzz Out Loud
Cnet's tech "podcast of indeterminate length" (often around 30 min) is hosted by Molly Wood, Tom Merritt, and Jason Howell. They produce a great wrap-up of tech news with a fair lack of seriousness. They describe it as "entertaining, sometimes caustic, and always skeptical take on technology news."iTunes link

An excellent video podcast about everything tech. They cover new tech, gadgets, software, answer questions etc. It's hosted by a former "Screen Savers" host Patrick Norton, from the old Tech TV network, and Veronica Belmont.iTunes link

TWiT (This Week in Tech)
A great audio program if you're interested in learning about computers and other technology. It is done by several of the folks that used to do "Call for Help" and "The Screen Savers" on the TechTV cable channel. iTunes link

Security Now
Another great one. It is all about computer security. It's produced by a long time expert, Steve Gibson from, and Leo Laport from "Call for Help" and TWiT. iTunes link

Another tech podcast that you can get in audio or video format. Two guys, one knowledgeable the other entertaining - I guess, drink beer and cover some of the more popular tech news and stories on the web. They have a website,, where visitors post links to news stories and other visitors vote on whether it's important or not. Diggnation features the most popular. (Audio iTunes link)(VideoiTunes link)

A video tech show from Canada. This show covers a lot of different tech topics centering around computers. The two primary hosts, Amber MacArthur and Mike Lazazzera work with Leo Leoporte on the TV show Call For Help. She is Leo's cohost and he does occaisional appearances. Anyway they've struck out on their own with this video podcast. This is very well produced as podcasts go. Amber is a tech professional and Mike...well he really works hard.iTunes link

Tiki Bar Tv
From the golden era of the lounge cultgure comes adlibbed tales of bartending tomfoolery. iTunes link

Ask A Ninja
A short comedic podcast where a ninja takes questions and gives us deadly answers. He looks forward to killing you soon. iTunes link

Strong Bad Emails
A hilarious podcast of flash based cartoons at starring Strong Bad whom I can only describe as maybe a teen in a Mexican wrestler/boxer outfit. You've got to watch the Dragon and the Guitar episodes. They are classics. You can get the files at or subscribe: iTunes link