PocketPC Links

www.freewareppc.comFreeware PPC. This is one site dedicated to giving you free software for your Pocket PC. It has games, applications, utilities, and more. And it's all free. Enjoy. FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions about all sorts of PPC issues (of course the answers are included too). Experts FAQ (in German) .'s home for the Pocket PC. Check out the downloads.
www.pocketpccity.comPocketPC City. This site just about has it all. It has lots of software, with descriptions, catagorized, with screen shots, and most importantly shows which is free, demo, or for purchase. The site also has message boards for discussion or help.
www.pocketgear.comPocketGear. Similar to PocketPC City.
Please let me know if any of the sites are no longer available.