Palm Links

www.palmgear.comPalm Gear H.Q. has software and accessories for your handheld.'s Palm OS software page. It has software for your handheld.
ZDNet.comZDNet's Palm OS software page. If you can't find it at the other's it's probably here.
www.palmpower.comPalm Power online magazine. Updated monthly with articles and reviews on the latest stuff for Palm OS devices."Full Charge" is a HandSpring Visor (Which I recommend over any other Palm OS device) accessorie from Extend Computer & Instrument. At this site you can order a rechargeable kit for your Visor. Now you can save on batteries and still beable to plug in a couple of AAA batteries if you can't charge at the time. This gives you an option no other built in rechargeable Palm device has. They charge at the cradle or PERISH.
Please let me know if any of the sites are no longer available.